Yep! It’s a Keyper!


Here we are in the 21st century and someone is finally touching the concept of a device that will help you to never lose your keys or wallet again.

It’s about time that someone finally thought about the really busy on the go people which have a habit of misplacing keys and wallets. I happen to be one of those people.

While I am so glad that something like this may be hitting the market soon, I just wish that they had done it before.

Do you know how much plastic I would have saved my bank and the local DMV? I would have saved them a lot of money from printing me out Debit cards and ID cards.

However, I can’t wait to see how well it does on the market. Some may not like to admit it but they are often losing their keys so they may be too embarrassed to go buy one. If that be the case, you can just send me the money and I will go buy it for you. No shame in my game!


Just Another Buizly Review!

Vegan Cheese Crafting!

Urban Cheesecraft

Vegetarian? Gluten Free Diet? Vegan?

Does it seem that diet and the way we eat all together have become more of a priority these days?

Everywhere you turn food labels are becoming more defined. I imagine that as a food manufacturer it must be getting hard out here in these streets, as the consumer demand becomes more strict for people to know what is in their food.

I must say that I am one of those individuals that is making it hard for food companies, “yes indeed!”

and as they boost their prices because of the demand I am trying to find ways to cut down on the cost because I need to maintain good food quality.

Thank God! Someone has introduced a new way! A vegan way to make cheese.

Vegan cheese right in your own home!

Cheese made from nuts and vegetables and all you have to do is purchase the cheese making kit and ingredients. The cheeses look very good and I’m pretty sure, taste good as well.

So for all of the health nuts and adventurous foodies try this vegan cheese making kit and let me know what you think?

Do you think that it is worth it for you to make your own cheese at home or do you think that the cost is too much and it is better to buy? Leave a comment

Urban Cheesecraft

Just Another Buizly Review!


Pop Star Assassin

American CONSPIRANOIA Comic Entertainment

“Please,please, please spread the word any way you can. Via social media, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or whatever it takes…”

Those are the words that caught my attention as I listened to this, what some may call, a weird looking guy with his full beard, sunglasses, and shabby haircut. Some may say he looks like he is from Duck Dynasty but Edward Lavalle’s mission is to raise capital to fund the 3rd edition of his comic series “Pop Star Assassin”.

Pop Star Assassin is like the 70’s hippie reign mixed with Elvis cool, and straight old school science fiction.

Edward Lavalle is the creator/author/ and letterer of this “American CONSPIRANOIA” article. I think that you will be very intrigued with the Pop Star Assassin project. 

Pop Star Assassin

Just Another Buizly Review!

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