Best nursing pillow designs!!!

Finley Baby

Nursing your baby is one of the best things a mother can do for her little one. For those of you who know that I have children, you might guess why I decided to do this one.

Unique nursing pillow designs! I’m so in love!Finely Baby

When I got my nursing pillow for my baby girl I wound up with the same design as like 2 other people that I know, what a bummer! Now that I’ve found these wonderfully unique designs I will be changing the cover on my nursing pillow very soon.

How awesome for someone to take out the time to make a variety of prints for the nursing pillow. Honestly, sometimes the common designs make you feel like a drone and not the really cool looking drones, like the drones depicted in a 1970’s movie. You can also find really neat patterns for baby crib sheets.

Finley Baby

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Taking flight for the second time!

Take Flight

Take Flight, off of buildings, through parking lots, in New York city, Miami, LA and anywhere else that has a bunch of concrete buildings.

Let’s be clear, I am not promoting anyone to do anything that will threaten their lives.

However, an interesting unique show company by the name of “Take Flight” is now debuting their next shoe which is great for professional track runners, other athletes and anyone else who is very active.

The shoes have been said to be very comfortable and well made.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this shoe on the market.


Just Another Buizly Review!

Mini 3D Toy Printer

Mini 3D Toy Printer

Technology has advanced the way that we do everything. So much so that it has allowed us to save money and time while conducting our daily activities.

The times that we live in I would refer to it as the age of discovering because we are discovering how awesomely awesome! we, as the human race are capable of.

Our babies are coming out a lot more advanced, at 2 weeks old they are trying to scoot and crawl, their eyes are wide open, our toddlers can understand the meanings of complex sentences and relating their understandings to the world around them.

Now we are giving them the ability to print their toys!

Which is great in my opinion!

This means that we can save money and keep them more occupied with productive advanced activities.

Whew! Well, I would say that is a wonderful concept!

In September of 2016, the first batch of Mini 3D toy printers will be mailed out to all supporters of this concept of advanced printing.

The main thing I am looking forward to about this technology is cutting down on trips to the store to spend money on toys.

MiniToy 3D Printer

What is your opinion?

How do you feel about this technology?

Comment below and most definitely share this with someone you know. I would love to hear everyone’s feedback.

The Pearl-fect Hobby

The Pearled Squirrel

Got Pearls?

If not, you definitely need to get some. They are classy, smooth, and rich in color every girl should have a pearl to accommodate their wardrobe.

No silly pearls are not just for old people, ladies wear pearls, girls wear pearls and even some men wear pearls.

The Pearled Squirrel has the right Pearls for you! You can purchase freshwater Pearls on Etsy from “The Pearled Squirrel”.

The best thing about this company is 5% of all purchases will go to The Humane Society. So not only are you taking pearls from clam’s but you are helping other animals in need.

The Pearled Squirrel

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