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Davida Bostic

Co-Founder / Author

Buizly With Davida Bostic

Hi, I am Davida Bostic Co-founder and Author of  Buizly Business.

I am an entrepreneur at heart and I am so Awesomely awesome! I come from a family of entrepreneurs coming down from my Great, Great Grandfather.

My first personal experience with entrepreneurship was at the age of 8 by selling paper and pencils to other students.

I am witty in my writing and fierce in my speech. I believe the small business backbone of our economy deserve to have as many platforms to support their efforts of employment and product production in our society.


Why Small Business

Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, and especially small business owners, you can Davida Bosticalways use a helping hand! Together with my partner and friend Haggai Green, we have decided to create a platform which gives small businesses the opportunity to be promoted online without a large price tag.

Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970’s. So taking the benefit of a resource to provide connections to helpful aids, the Buizly Business Blog is aiming to be a resource, for let’s say those business maids.

Buizly Business aims to provide quality reviews, micro articles, and articles on trending topics in various business industries. Buizly Business helps businesses with small but necessary social media tasks that can propel them forward in their daily business activities.

Mother and Friend

I am so proud to be the mother of 3 beautiful daughters. One of the reasons I am on this Davida Bostic Buizly Businessventure is to be an example of strength and exhibit fortitude to my daughters.

I want to show them that your life doesn’t stop after children but rather it just begins. Having 3 children has helped me take all of my life decisions more seriously.

Though it’s not always easy running a business and raising a family it’s truly worth the hard work and effort.

The life of an entrepreneur is not an easy one so take the journey with us as we promote small businesses to the top!


Co-Founder / Web / Business Developer

Buizly Business With Haggai Green

Hi, I’m Haggai Green tech savvy, visionary and small business enthusiast.

As Business developer and Co-founder of Buizly Business, I am responsible for website design, functionality and user experience. I have been building WordPress sites for over 3 years mostly for small businesses.

I’ve come to understand that websites are not the only problems for small business owners, but that they struggle with the fast paste growth of social media.

Because of the time required to manage, focus and consistently engage with social media, its effectiveness is only as good as the time and hours you devote to it.

This, my friends mean less time to focus on the day to day operations of any business. So we have set out to help businesses with this tedious yet necessary task. To help businesses get exposure online by exposing their skills, talents and businesses to the social media world.

We write articles, Snap posts of businesses and push them through our social media funnel so you the business doesn’t have to. Each post we create encourages our fans/followers to Share, Like or Pass, giving you the business an honest review of your business.

So let us Buizly Business Do the hard work so that you can focus on creating great businesses!


Thank you.
The Buizly Business Team!

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