American CONSPIRANOIA Comic Entertainment

“Please,please, please spread the word any way you can. Via social media, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or whatever it takes…”

Those are the words that caught my attention as I listened to this, what some may call, a weird looking guy with his full beard, sunglasses, and shabby haircut. Some may say he looks like he is from Duck Dynasty but Edward Lavalle’s mission is to raise capital to fund the 3rd edition of his comic series “Pop Star Assassin”.

Pop Star Assassin is like the 70’s hippie reign mixed with Elvis cool, and straight old school science fiction.

Edward Lavalle is the creator/author/ and letterer of this “American CONSPIRANOIA” article. I think that you will be very intrigued with the Pop Star Assassin project. 

Pop Star Assassin

Just Another Buizly Review!

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