Bunnie hoppin sweets!

Make me happy, bunnie cupcake!

One thing I love is bunnies! I also love cupcakes! but bunnies and cupcakes sound like an odd mix. However, there is a bakery called Bunnie Cakes that take pastries to an all new level, “Vegan Level”.

We all know how much organic, vegetarian and vegan food could be, right? Well Bunnie Cakes is right up that alley. Whatever change you have in your pocket will be guaranteed to be gone including whatever lint and gum, by the time you leave this place.

Bunnie Cakes I must say makes some of the most decadent, healthy, and expensive cupcakes you will ever taste. Four dollars and twenty-five cents for a cupcake  is definitely not something that the average person can pay for everyday.

So the next time you are in Miami, hop on down to Bunnie Town at Bunnie Cakes in Miami, FL.


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