Best nursing pillow designs!!!

Finley Baby

Nursing your baby is one of the best things a mother can do for her little one. For those of you who know that I have children, you might guess why I decided to do this one.

Unique nursing pillow designs! I’m so in love!Finely Baby

When I got my nursing pillow for my baby girl I wound up with the same design as like 2 other people that I know, what a bummer! Now that I’ve found these wonderfully unique designs I will be changing the cover on my nursing pillow very soon.

How awesome for someone to take out the time to make a variety of prints for the nursing pillow. Honestly, sometimes the common designs make you feel like a drone and not the really cool looking drones, like the drones depicted in a 1970’s movie. You can also find really neat patterns for baby crib sheets.

Finley Baby

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Topnotch lacey mermaid dresses

Lace Marry

So everybody has their idea about what are the best times of year to hold formal events especially us ladies who love the flow of flowery formal dresses.


So you may be asking is this an event article or fashion and the answer is actually fashion. I had to find something to pull you in to get you to take a look at these beautiful formal dress fashions, especially for weddings.

I found a really nice shop today online that custom makes dresses with beautiful lacey mermaid cut dresses for any formal event.  I myself love the fit of mermaid style dresses!

The dresses are very affordable and not to mention the circumference of the bottom part of the dresses are perfection!

These dress designs are most certainly for those who love the perfection of a nice formal dress in varies colors.

Lace Marry

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BoHo accessory must haves

The Boho Collective1

Every girl’s collection of accessories must have a Caribbean BoHo piece!

At some point in our lives we all will go to a pool or the beach and what greater way could we flaunt our stuff than with a BoHo necklace or ring.

Not to mention a BoHo romper with a nice Caribbean print will always do a gal good by the waterside.

I personally love the BoHo style I’m a big fan of the prints, the designs, and cool refreshing styles.

So naturally when I found a seller of one of my favorite styles of fashion I was thrilled.

I must admit that not many stores who say they sell BoHo fashion actually sell that piece of clothing or jewelry that you may often have in mind when you think of this style, but this store definitely has all of the designer pieces guaranteed to polish your style.

TheBoHoCollective 1

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Fierce Phone Cases

Wolf Cases

I found this wonderful little handmade phone case shop on Esty which has some really nice phone cases for iPhones.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I think iPhone users have way too many privileges! iPhone and iPad users get the best-looking cases, the best accessories, and the best apps, don’t you agree?

Nevertheless for those who are in the service of catering to Apple users they will throw some android accessories in the mix.

The cases have very robust artwork that really captures personality. Whoever purchases any of these cases may definitely get a phone stolen, I’m sorry did I say that out loud?

Every design is created with unique ambiances to match the tone of all your lifestyle activities.

One for the marble, two for the show, three to get moving and four to go check out “WolfCases” on Etsy.


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Yep! It’s a Keyper!


Here we are in the 21st century and someone is finally touching the concept of a device that will help you to never lose your keys or wallet again.

It’s about time that someone finally thought about the really busy on the go people which have a habit of misplacing keys and wallets. I happen to be one of those people.

While I am so glad that something like this may be hitting the market soon, I just wish that they had done it before.

Do you know how much plastic I would have saved my bank and the local DMV? I would have saved them a lot of money from printing me out Debit cards and ID cards.

However, I can’t wait to see how well it does on the market. Some may not like to admit it but they are often losing their keys so they may be too embarrassed to go buy one. If that be the case, you can just send me the money and I will go buy it for you. No shame in my game!


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Taking flight for the second time!

Take Flight

Take Flight, off of buildings, through parking lots, in New York city, Miami, LA and anywhere else that has a bunch of concrete buildings.

Let’s be clear, I am not promoting anyone to do anything that will threaten their lives.

However, an interesting unique show company by the name of “Take Flight” is now debuting their next shoe which is great for professional track runners, other athletes and anyone else who is very active.

The shoes have been said to be very comfortable and well made.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this shoe on the market.


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Her Training Brassiere


Have you ever thought about talking wardrobe? What if your bra could talk?

Imagine if you had a personal trainer with you at all times, one that could tell you what exercises are the best and which ones you need less of?

Hera! Is a bra that is that personal trainer  you could now have with you at all times that speaks to you in real time.

She can tell you when to take a break when to switch exercises, and she also monitors your respiration.

Sounds pretty high tech!

Would you wear the Hera Personal Trainer? What do you think about it? Leave a comment and let me know!

Hera Personal Trainer

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This lamp won’t keep you up!


Every night I go asleep I have to turn the light off but try to keep just enough light on so that my 3yr old can get up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom.

I ran across this fascinating new invention that utilizes the LED light from your phone to light your room. So you plug your phone to the lamp and it lights your room. You can even use hand gestures to control the lighting. How awesome is that? Somewhat the same concept as the “Clap on light”

I hope that this project gets the funding that it needs because there are those of us out there that really need this light in their life, like me!


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Crocheted Baby Booties!

Twenty Second Street

Pull out your winter coats, warm fleece and get your baby booties ready, then head on down to Twenty-Second Street.

On Twenty-Second Street, you will find some of the most unique crocheted booties for babies.

The unique styles are certainly hard to find and you wouldn’t want to miss out on getting the baby in your life a pair of these slippers.

Maybe its just me but some of the best styles of clothing and shoes seem to be only for babies. Wish I were a baby again.

So what do you think about Twenty-Second Street crocheted products?

Have you ever purchased from Twenty-Second Street? If so please share your product experience.

Twenty-Second Street

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Vegan Cheese Crafting!

Urban Cheesecraft

Vegetarian? Gluten Free Diet? Vegan?

Does it seem that diet and the way we eat all together have become more of a priority these days?

Everywhere you turn food labels are becoming more defined. I imagine that as a food manufacturer it must be getting hard out here in these streets, as the consumer demand becomes more strict for people to know what is in their food.

I must say that I am one of those individuals that is making it hard for food companies, “yes indeed!”

and as they boost their prices because of the demand I am trying to find ways to cut down on the cost because I need to maintain good food quality.

Thank God! Someone has introduced a new way! A vegan way to make cheese.

Vegan cheese right in your own home!

Cheese made from nuts and vegetables and all you have to do is purchase the cheese making kit and ingredients. The cheeses look very good and I’m pretty sure, taste good as well.

So for all of the health nuts and adventurous foodies try this vegan cheese making kit and let me know what you think?

Do you think that it is worth it for you to make your own cheese at home or do you think that the cost is too much and it is better to buy? Leave a comment

Urban Cheesecraft

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Mini 3D Toy Printer

Mini 3D Toy Printer

Technology has advanced the way that we do everything. So much so that it has allowed us to save money and time while conducting our daily activities.

The times that we live in I would refer to it as the age of discovering because we are discovering how awesomely awesome! we, as the human race are capable of.

Our babies are coming out a lot more advanced, at 2 weeks old they are trying to scoot and crawl, their eyes are wide open, our toddlers can understand the meanings of complex sentences and relating their understandings to the world around them.

Now we are giving them the ability to print their toys!

Which is great in my opinion!

This means that we can save money and keep them more occupied with productive advanced activities.

Whew! Well, I would say that is a wonderful concept!

In September of 2016, the first batch of Mini 3D toy printers will be mailed out to all supporters of this concept of advanced printing.

The main thing I am looking forward to about this technology is cutting down on trips to the store to spend money on toys.

MiniToy 3D Printer

What is your opinion?

How do you feel about this technology?

Comment below and most definitely share this with someone you know. I would love to hear everyone’s feedback.

Pretty Printed Gift Wraps

Normans Printery

How do you like those gift wraps?

It would be a lot easier for you to answer this question if you knew which one I was referring too.

Needless to say, I ‘m not talking about the ones from Walgreen’s or CVS.

I’m talking about the gift wraps from Norman’s Printery!

Norman’s Printery has some of the most unique style gift wraps I have ever seen.

All of the gift wraps are appropriate for year-round giving and doesn’t reek of holiday or Birthday magic.

Astronomy and navigation paper wraps are two of the unique variations you will find. So now when you give a gift, give it with the interest of the individual in mind.

Norman’s Printery


Kennedy Claire’s Perfect Tutu’s

Kennedy Clarie’s Closet

Tutu’s and headbands, that is all a baby girl need to be cute but sometimes it’s hard to find tutu’s with the right amount of fluffiness, don’t you agree?

Well, I know that where I live most stores are either always sold out, waiting on a shipment or either the fluffiness of the tutu just isn’t right.

One mom I believe has experienced the same thing that I have and came up with, “Kennedy Clarie’s Closet”

You will find all of the fluffy tutu’s, sparkly gold sippy cups, and baby attire with sassy little sayings that you will find irresistible.

If you have a baby girl check out “Kennedy Clarie’s Closet” and let me know if you agree with my review.

Kennedy Claire’s Closet

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Table Top Factory Creative Molds!!!

Form Box

Form Box
By: Mayku

I never thought I would see the day when the ability to make molds in your home would become so easy. They say that our technology is behind, but I don’t think so! Molds from potatoes or any other items can now be made right at your fingertips with only the help of a vacuum cleaner. How cool is that? Very nice! I would say.

While the advertisement video for such a product is so mellow it makes you want to be able to buy this. However, there is a catch…in order for you to make these molds on your kitchen table, you must support the campaign. It seems to be a pretty promising project.

While the advertisement video for such a product is so mellow it makes you want to be able to buy this. However, there is a catch…in order for you to make these molds on your kitchen table, you must support the campaign. It seems to be a pretty promising project.

However, there is a catch…in order for you to make these molds on your kitchen table, you must support the campaign. It seems to be a pretty promising project.

However, there is a catch…in order for you to make these molds on your kitchen table, you must support the campaign. It seems to be a pretty promising project.

Form Box

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Pop Star Assassin

American CONSPIRANOIA Comic Entertainment

“Please,please, please spread the word any way you can. Via social media, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or whatever it takes…”

Those are the words that caught my attention as I listened to this, what some may call, a weird looking guy with his full beard, sunglasses, and shabby haircut. Some may say he looks like he is from Duck Dynasty but Edward Lavalle’s mission is to raise capital to fund the 3rd edition of his comic series “Pop Star Assassin”.

Pop Star Assassin is like the 70’s hippie reign mixed with Elvis cool, and straight old school science fiction.

Edward Lavalle is the creator/author/ and letterer of this “American CONSPIRANOIA” article. I think that you will be very intrigued with the Pop Star Assassin project. 

Pop Star Assassin

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The Pearl-fect Hobby

The Pearled Squirrel

Got Pearls?

If not, you definitely need to get some. They are classy, smooth, and rich in color every girl should have a pearl to accommodate their wardrobe.

No silly pearls are not just for old people, ladies wear pearls, girls wear pearls and even some men wear pearls.

The Pearled Squirrel has the right Pearls for you! You can purchase freshwater Pearls on Etsy from “The Pearled Squirrel”.

The best thing about this company is 5% of all purchases will go to The Humane Society. So not only are you taking pearls from clam’s but you are helping other animals in need.

The Pearled Squirrel

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Creative Stitch! Add Some Stitches

Add Some Stiches

Stitch by Nature

Add Some Stitches, that’s exactly what we all need to do as our normal threads are not getting the kind of attention that these threads can offer; A creative stitch for every personality.

Whether your threads are sewn or you have your stitched garments to adorn you. One thing you can guarantee is that anything from “AddSomeStitches” will turn heads faster than you can say “Yellow Leather, Red Leather” 2x’s.

AddSomeStitches- Bomb

I was browsing Twitter and saw a post about some awesome crochets. I loved the detail in the images so much that I retweeted it. The post was about some amazing crocheted hats.

Megan Sweet, who is the creator of “Add Some Stitches”, definitely has an eye for unique beauty. All of her designs are unique, hilarious, hippie and awe inspiring! She has ALL types of hats, mushroom, Dinosaur,

She has ALL types of hats, mushroom, Dinosaur, sushi roll, octopus, radiation, watermelon, and the Bomb. There are so many designs I can’t name them all. I love the fact that her creations are available online. You have too, you must check out her store on Etsy, she is a popular seller on Etsy and when you go to her store you will see why.

There are so many designs I can’t name them all!

I love the fact that her creations are available online. You have too! you must check out her store on Etsy!

So AddSomeStitches

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Hip Budda beads & Coke top necklaces

Gosh Yarn It And Kirsten’s Creations

Hip Accessories

Buddha necklaces and coke bottle tops are some of the many hip ornaments made by Kirsten Shulz for sale in her Etsy store.

Gosh Yarn It and Kirsten’s Creations were made out of  Kirsten’s love for creating trinkets and woven accessories. Her creations are hip, colorful and fun, especially for your little young ones.

Gosh Yarn It and Kirsten’s Creations


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MAD Metal

Metal Art Designz

Amazing or MAD Creations

Etsy has a way of bringing out the best in people. They attract people from all walks of life who have skills to make beautiful creations out of beads, gold, silver, wood, yarn, and metal.

Creativity meets boredom in this Etsy shop. You can get any kind of sign you desire made out of metal, isn’t that mad? actually, it is M.A.D., “Metal Art Designs”.

Theresa Marx does a wonderful job at metal crafting almost anything you want like door signs, fireplace mantel, Welcome signs, coat racks, and metal wind spinners. Theresa makes lasting impressions for the home and garden.

Metal Art Designs


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Good Fashion, and the award goes too…

Miss Peachy

Miss Peachy Fashion Buizly Business

My fashion is just Peachy

Fashion is what Miss Peachy does best with beautiful retro 40s style dresses for the party season, pretty lace back skater dresses, Bardot dresses and so much more to inspire you!

When looking at her fashions they definitely take you back in time but keep you current with their modern flair.

Miss Peachy is based out of the UK and is doing very well for themselves in terms of internet success, in 2015, they won Bright Pig’s Business of The Week.

Miss Peachy


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