CoVerse Conversation?

AnonFriendDemoI did  a review on an app called “CoVerse” have you ever heard of it? Neither have I until a few days go.

So the gist of the app is that you have 6 categories you can choose from food, movie/tv, romance, games, and sports, you ask questions under any of these categories. The interesting thing is that when you ask questions you can also receive questions from other people but everything is anonymous.

Initially, I didn’t know how to use the app, so while reviewing the app I received some very interesting questions from people about romantic relationships because I didn’t uncheck that category.  I’m still asking myself, why didn’t I uncheck that category, let’s just say, I received some very, unique questions in that category.

By asking questions through CoVerse you can get ideas about the best food to prepare for your family’s balanced diet or find out the name of a really interesting movie you saw but only remember details or how to spice up your sex life without having to erase the history on your browser or how to get rid of the racoons in your yard.

You may be thinking to yourself I can just Google search all of those but what this app does is eliminate the amount of reading time to discover your answer and your questions get answered directly while you’re on the go.

Essentially, it helps to eliminate the number of distractions you can encounter by searching the web thus maximizing productive time. When your question gets answered you get notified!

Just think of it and you can ask it! almost like having a genie right at your fingertips; excluding the manifestation of material things of course.

Oh yea, and I also want to forewarn, that if your question is too weird it may not get answered. I must admit that there were some questions I just refused to answer, don’t know what ever happen to those. All I know is that I wasn’t going to allow my mind to go there.

Not exactly sure where this app will go but I definitely think that once people get used to it, it will be like having your own private therapist but your answers come from random people.

Overall, I must say, that the creators came up with a clever way of getting people to ask what’s on their minds, without them being judged. Very intriguing some of the things that people think of, the experience of the CoVerse app was almost like stepping into the Twilight Zone. I highly suggest everyone try it at least once.

It’s definitely an experience to remember, so download now!


                 Just Another Buizly Review!

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