It’s honestly nature made!

Natural Brand, “Nature made into jewelry” is an accessory company owned by Laura Aguilar who is from South America and now lives in West New York.

Most of her pieces are made from tagua nut, kind of strange because I’m used to hearing about coconut otagua-nut-splitr hemp accessories, nevertheless her creations present a uniquely fresh style.

Wholesome fashion is what I call it, burlap, chalkboards, wood and stone are all the things that make organic, whole. Natural Brand is organic, colorful, ecologically friendly and handmade.

Her pieces present a wonderful bohemian style, very clean and simple not too intricate. Maybe one day she couldĀ also make some jewelry from walnuts shells? pecan shells? or maybe even pistachios, like a pistachio bracelet? Maybe not, at that point, you will become a walking bird feed. So it wouldn’t be any walks in the park for you.

All in all, this is the kind of jewelry you should at least try once.

Check it out on Etsy!

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