Get Your Car Washed Anywhere in Miami, FL

Mobile Car Wash Detailing

If you live in sunny Miami, FL, and your car needs to be cleaned no need to go to a car wash because this Mobile Detailing service will come to you! is a website where you can schedule a mobile car wash to come service you wherever you are.  They are owned by JokerJ Mobile Detailing and have a very prestigious line up of cars that they service.

You can get your car cleaned while you are at work, in the grocery store, at home or any other place you may be for a while. By going to the site you can see that these guys definitely know what they are doing because it is not every day that someone will allow just anyone to touch their Porsche. also does pavement cleaning, which is a very valuable service because sometimes those oil stains in your driveway can be very dangerous. Oil stains in your driveway or in the parking spaces of your business can cause slip and falls and you don’t need those kinds of liabilities. If you don’t pay hospital bills for injuries you may face financial obligations from customers, who needs that, right?

Now you don’t have a reason not to get your car washed or driveway pressured cleaned. Go to and book your appointment today!

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