Pet and Pooch With The Perfect Sitter

Your pet child in good hand’s

Pet children or puppy pals? which term do you prefer for your beloved pet? Regardless of what name you choose they are your babies, whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit or hamster one pet sitting company has got your beloved furry child covered in good hands.

Now me personally I prefer pets that can stay locked up all of the time and no I’m into animal cruelty, I just like to know where my pets are at all times. I would hate to accidentally smash my little puppy up against the wall because they decided to choose to follow me on the tightest side of my walking space or step on my cat’s tail because they have no business under my favorite chair.


Trusty Tails Pet Care is a good pet sitting company that seems to be run by some very affectionate dog lovers, with no discrimination to other animals of course. They are serious about their love for animals so much until they actually have a line of doggy treats with different appetizing flavors that I’m sure your pooch will love(if you have one) like “Cheddar Cheese Please”.

If you ask me I wouldn’t trust any pet sitting company that doesn’t have their own line of treats. If you look at their website they have this one dog posing like he is on the cover of a vogue magazine, so you know their serious about they’re stuff. So if you live in the state of New Jersey contact them to set your dog walking or pet sitting appointment. Even if you don’t live in New Jersey you should still go to their website and check out their pooch mugshots.


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