Quick Deal Webs
Quick Deal Webs: simple, beautiful and affordable websites for people on a budget. “I hope so”

I found this wonderful small company on the web by the name of Quick Deal Webs. Yes, yes I know it sounds spammy but I thought that I would give it a chance because the layout and usability of the site is easy. So basically you can get 1-3 page website for only $99. I was a bit skeptical because of the name. I think they should have chosen a better name which was not full of flaggy spam words but they did.

Okay so back to the business, they provided a site for me which is the one you are on right now (smiling) and their turnaround was fast and easy as 1-2-3 just like they have on the site. So if you are in need of a website please check them out. I feel that the fact that the name is spammy is why they make such good quality sites and the turnaround times are quick; do you think so? Of course, you don’t because you haven’t tried them yet so go get you a cheap website. Nobody’s going to judge you, I promise!

Quick Deal Webs

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